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Rental Service

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Roam is a flexible furniture rental service that offers an adaptable, customizable, portable and an easily repairable solution for digital nomads, relocated professionals or people who move frequently. By providing good quality products and a hassle free experience, we respond to the changing needs of our roam users. We offer a rental service and design a personalized distribution plan based on our three core values: Affordability, Sustainability & Emotional Relation.

Cross-Functional Team with
Maricel Studio , Valeria Castillo, Sara Barcons, Arnau Jalón, Marina Prohens, & Vinyet Tejedor.

Above, you'll find the commercial we crafted for our customers, and below, you can explore the website we designed to facilitate their access to our services.
We offer diverse subscription options tailored to different customer needs, accompanied by engaging storytelling to help them understand and connect with our brand.

Web Desktop


Brand Guidelines

We meticulously crafted the brand guidelines, carefully considering the perfect keys, colors, and forms to seamlessly translate the brand concept into
its visual representation. Explore all the brand guidelines here, or for a closer look, click here to download them.

Roam Stories

Additionally, within all the information and content tailored for our customers, we've built a community where our clients can share and witness others using the service.
Dive into the Roam Stories of our brand, featuring narratives from nomadic individuals just like them.

Explore a series of screens here that guide you through the steps customers take to engage with our service.
Follow the subscription process, explore furniture and package options, and learn how they can tailor their needs to specific rooms.

Brand Playbook

Finally, explore the Brand Playbook to delve into the creation of the brand, its philosophy,
and comprehensive data collected from all subscription plans. Download it here for a deeper understanding of the service.

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