School Ship Proposal.
Open Arms School

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The Open Arms School project represents a partnership between Open Arms NGO and Elisava. The initiative seeks to repurpose the former Open Arms vessel into a school to turn it into an educational space that will dock in ports all over Europe, thus joining forces with the NGO’s activities. The primary objective is to convert the old Open Arms rescue ship into potential school ships dedicated to advancing human rights.
Open Arms
Collaborated with
Júlia Martínez, Lola Lemke,  Eliot DeTienda & Paula Ferrés

To drive that initiative forward, we introduced The Storyteller. The Open Arms Boat transformed into a printing house. The resulting journal compiles innovative mechanisms, exercises, and firsthand narratives, aiming to disseminate authentic information. This effort extends beyond merely addressing the migratory emergency, encompassing a broader reflection on the violations of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  Below, you can view the presentation of all the initiatives aimed at promoting the Open Arms School.

The journal you see above, acts as a conduit, seeking to amplify existing voices and, in turn, fostering empowerment and promoting self-determination.
From the standpoint of creating a school for raising awarness, our proposal delves into the creation of narratives and their implications in the generation of knoledge. we identified how the society’s problems lies within narratives that are never questioned but shape our enviroment and support sctructures of opression, discriminaton and conformism.
For fightng agains privileges and comodities that impede us from looking beyond our own reality.

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