The Mirrored Self:
Reflections of our Virtual Persona

Due Time
Mirrored Self delves into the evolving landscape of identity in the digital age, questioning how mediums shape self-representation. Focused on the human face as a symbol of expression, the project proposes a biometric defense mechanism, coded to protect users from identity limitations. This double skin fosters freedom of expression and encourages interpersonal dialogue, emphasizing touch as a unique form of communication. Ultimately, Mirrored Self aims to raise user awareness about digital constraints, empowering them to navigate their online presence. It serves as a forward-looking declaration, advocating for a balance between physical and digital realms through meaningful human interaction.
Adidas Maker Lab
Collaborated with
Pol Rebaque, Javier Guijarro, Paula Haro, Daniel Mulford & Joan Mallen.

We were fortunate to collaborate with the stylist Javier Guijarro, known for dressing figures like Bad Gyal and Raul Alejandro.
Pol Rebraque and Joan Mallén teamed up for the lighting and photography editing aspects of the project, while we collaborated closely with
Paula Haro
on the final art direction, who has also contributed to Ferragamo and Vogue.

The primary focus of the project centered on the art direction and presentation of the final product.
We crafted personalized 3D resin designs for each model, meticulously developing unique masks for individual expression.

Explore the backstory behind the photographs in my portfolio for this project: take a look behind the scenes.
If you seek more details about the thesis, don't hesitate to request the complete investigative document.

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