The New Wikipedia.
ReBranding the system.

Due Time
The project revolves around the rebranding of Wikipedia. Recognizing its prominence yet acknowledging room for improvement in user-friendliness, we seized the opportunity to revitalize the page's image by creating a fresh graphic code.
Collaborated with
Carlos Álvarez, Silvia Masclans & Monica Busquets

Graphic Code

To generate the graphic code, we drew inspiration from the spider system utilized by Wikipedia to create an open-source platform. Through this spider system, we manage different cores and base searches on circles. Depending on the circle and the length of the search, the result takes shape in different ways.

We studied the evolution of the graphic code and decided to categorize information into seven themes. Each theme is assigned a distinct color.
With this framework, we began to experiment and generate the graphics.

1. Arts 2. History 3. Society 4. Geography 5. Biogrpahy 6. Maths 7. Technology

Graphic Applications

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